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Hey everyone, we’re running low on pictures and need to bulk up our stash!  Photo of the Day would love to feature your pictures…a beautiful outdoor scene, a crazy picture of your kids, even pictures from ‘back in the day’. So page through your albums, dig through those boxes, or run out and take new…then follow the submission link directly below to submit your Photo of the Day!

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“There’s somethin’ about a truck, in a farmer’s’ field.”  Submitted by Kathy Bahr, Morris

I took this picture during soybean harvest 2014 in my husband’s field.  I love harvest time; my husband would say it’s very stressful, but I see the fruits of his hard work  from from last spring all the way until harvest.  It’s just a great feeling to “bring it home”.  Taken “across the road” — it was my favorite one of the day.



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