Syngenta settlement 22 Jun 18

Syngenta Settlement 

Cyrus corn farmer, Leroy Edland, has been intimately involved with the class action lawsuit against Syngenta seed company for many years, as one of only three farmers in the state who went to the Hennepin County trial to testify against the company.  Syngenta put two new additives into their seed corn at the time to control rootworms, which had not been approved by the Chinese government, where much of the corn was to be headed.  Efforts to bypass the regulations led to further complications.  A $1.5-billion settlement was recently reached with the ag giant and Edland recently stopped by the KMRS studios to encourage corn producers, grain handlers, and ethanol producers to file a claim for a share of the settlement.  Claims may be filed until Oct. 12 of this year, but Edland encouraged farmers to take care of it early as the process has been simplified.  

You do not need to show proof of crop insurance.  To file a claim, call 1-833-567-2676 or go to