Bill Klyve retiring 24 May 18

(Bill Klyve BC Lighting) 5/22

            As LEDs overtake the lighting market with increasingly higher lumen levels, Otter Tail Power Company’s Bill Klyve is reminded of how many revolutions have occurred in the lighting industry in just the past few years, with brightness doubling in just a few years. 

            The veteran Energy Management Representative will be retiring this week from Otter Tail after 41 years, and spoke last week with KMRS.

            He has also seen revolutions in solar and wind power development, and much increased energy efficiency in household items.  Even today’s coal-burning plants are not as filthy as in years past.  Improved technology has also led to fewer power outages over the years.  

             A retirement party for Klyve will be held Thursday afternoon at the offices of Otter Tail Power in Morris.