Local NewsMinute: WCI, Berberi, Red Cross, And Garage Fire 13 Feb 18

Garage Fire In Alexandria

An Alexandria woman nearly lost her house after a garage fire yesterday morning.
At 11:51 a.m., the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office was called to Camille Norris’ home at 3505 Maple Drive on a report of a structural fire. Alexandria firefighters successfully extinguished the fire “before major damage occurred to the home.”
Deputies think the point-of-origin was near a wood stove located inside the detached garage, no injuries were reported.

Thesenga Says The Worst Disruptions Have Passed, But Need Goes On

A combination of severe weather and influenza are crippling the American Red Cross’ blood supply. Regional Communications Manager Sue Thesenga says, last month, more than 550 blood drives were canceled nationwide, leaving almost 17,000 donations uncollected.
The Bloodmobile visits the United Lutheran Church of Elbow Lake today, the Herman Community Center tomorrow, the American Legion in Wheaton on Thursday, and the Saint Mary’s Parish of Chokio on Friday.

Council Members Will Take Up WCI

Tonight, the Morris City Council will consider whether to renew its financial commitment to the West Central Initiative (WCI).
According to Tom McSparron, Director of Community Philanthropy, Morris is one of roughly 35 cities across WCI’s nine-county-region with similar partnerships. He says the $50,000 given in previous years has allowed locals to gain access to workers’ trainings and leadership programs.
In a letter sent to the members in July 2017, WCI hopes for a five year-long agreement totaling $10,000.00. The Council meets at 5:15 p.m. in the Morris Senior/Community Center.

Lecture About Languages

Tonight, Dr. Tammy Berberi will tell young people to expand their linguistic horizons.
An Associate Professor of French at the University of Minnesota, Morris, Dr. Berberi will give a talk entitled “Green Worm Under Glass: Studying World Languages In The 21st Century.” It’s part of the Founders Scholar Convocation, a lecture series focusing on rising issues in the liberal arts.
Refreshments will be served in Imholte Hall at 6:30 p.m., with the speech starting 7:00 p.m.