Local NewsMinute: Fire In Brandon, Sweaty Yeti, Handeen and UMM Take The Stage 12 Feb 18

Pedersen Continues To Gather

Yesterday afternoon, a small group gathered in the Old No. 1 basement yesterday afternoon to reflect on those they’ve lost, and bond with one another.
Gatherings will meet again on Sunday, March 11. It’s open to any widow or widower, regardless of whether they’ve been a Pedersen client, but guests must pay for lunch on their own.
Starting next Monday, Pedersen will also offer Bridges of Hope, a six-week session “intended to help anyone working through grief resulting from the death of a loved one.”

UMM Music On The Move

On Saturday, the University of Minnesota, Morris Concert Choir organized their Second Annual Valentine’s Day Dinner. The lineup included ten solo acts and a barbershop quartet, with categories ranging from jazz standards, to classical, to Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors.
Choir Director Brad Miller hopes you’ll attend their Spring Concert Tour – the Choir goes to Our Lady Of Victory Catholic Church in Fergus Falls on March 23, the Basilica of Saint Mary and the Lutheran Church Of The Good Shepherd in Minneapolis on March 24, plus the Buffalo Performing Arts Center on March 25.

Heart Of The Arts Featured Accordion Music

On Saturday night, the Hotel 200 opened its doors to the public, with the Prairie Renaissance Cultural Alliance offering Heart Of The Arts. It’s the PRCA’s annual Valentine’s Day fundraiser, with proceeds going towards the costs of their book signings and art gallery showings.
As part of the event, Malena Handeen came from Big Bend City (ten miles south of Danvers) to perform an eclectic mix of Americana, R&B, and soul with her father and brother. Handeen has shown off paintings of her own at the PRCA.
“They’re just a great resource for the area,” she adds, “so it’s a good cause.”

A Good Day For Winterama

On Saturday, crowds embraced the Lake Minnewaska cold to enjoy Winterama, organized by Glenwood And Beyond. Treasurer Jordan McMahon says generous donors allowed for triple the number of Bobber Raffle prizes than in years past, and the cold weather actually added to the fun.
As the Sweaty Yeti runners were coming in, “their eyelashes were frozen, they had crystals in their beards,” McMahon laughed. “[T]hat was kind of a new look for everybody, they all looked like yetis, actually.”

Local First Responder Receives Medical Attention

During an emergency response to Brandon on Saturday, a firefighter was treated on-scene for “exhaustion.”
At 12:39 p.m., the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and Millerville Fire Department responded to 14360 County Road 24 for an unspecified structural blaze. Crews sucessfully extinguished the fire “before major damage was caused to the structure,” but Ben Bitzan was was treated by Ashby Ambulance.
Deputies think the fire started from a wall-mounted propane heater; no word yet on the cause of the fire, or Bitzan’s current condition.