Local NewsMinute 06 Feb 18

Hancock students can sleep in tomorrow: Due to staff training, the School will have a two-hour late start.

Champion Speaks Out

In the wake of her victory at last month’s RUSC Kinship Mentoring’s Warm Hearts & Hotdishes challenge, Andrea Dosdall tells all.
While she largely improvises the ingredients and proportions each time she makes Buffalo Chicken Tator Tot Hotdish, Dosdall reveals she’s always been a fan of its plain cousin, but wasn’t “much of a recipe follower.” Dosdall feared that a generic version wouldn’t impress the judges.
After several trial runs at home, Dosdall and her husband agreed that this new, original take would be irresistible.

Minnewaska Celebrates Fifteen Years Of History Day

Tomorrow, Minnewaska High School will kick off its fifteenth annual History Day competition.
Throughout the winter, roughly 200 students have researched a historical event of their choice, and will show off their work via website, research paper, and exhibit board. Social studies teacher Linda Hoffmann says the biggest rule is this year’s theme – all projects must somehow relate to Conflict And Compromise.
Minnewaska’s winners are eligible to compete in the West Central Regionals on March 1, where they’ll face four other schools, including Parkers Prairie High and Kennedy Secondary of Fergus Falls.

President Shipley Exuding Confidence

Despite delays, the President of Midwest Community Development Corporation says you will eventually see construction in Downtown Hancock.
Kevin Shipley is feeling “very confident” after meeting with his architects, and says the construction team is currently putting together new floor plans, as well as costs per square foot.
The Corporation put a hold on their post-demolition work last fall after the initial round of bids came in too high.

Stevens County Ramps Up For Census

Preparations for the 2020 Census have begun, and locally, that involves careful plotting on a computer.
Caitlin Christenson is Stevens County’s Geographic Information Systems Technician, she’ll be attending training sessions at the end of the month on how to collate data and conduct public outreach.
Christenson’s first step has been to update government databases with current mailing addresses, in order for documents to get to the right places.