Junior Varsity Wrestling Sections 29 Jan 18
MAHACA JV (9th grade league) wrestlers competed in the individual section tournament in Tracy on Saturday, Jan. 27.  There are 15 weight classes, and MAHACA had 14 wrestlers (we do not have a heavyweight).  You can only bring one wrestler per weight class.  One wrestler couldn’t attend due to the flu, but 13 wrestlers attended, and no one finished lower than 8th place.  The top 2 wrestlers in each weight class get to go on to the state tournament next Saturday, Feb 3rd.  Those two were  Jed Feuchtenberger and Hunter Gibson, pictured above.  Casey Nelson and Tristan Raths had very close matches but ended up in the 3rd place spot.  Overall the team did excellent.
15 teams participated in the individual section tournament.  Throughout the day, the scores of each individual wrestler gets added to their team score.  MAHACA finished in 3rd place out of 15, with ACGC taking 2nd and Redwood-River Valley taking 1st.

Wrestler, weight, grade and placement
Casey Nelson, 88 lbs., grade 8, 3rd place.
Dallas Walton, 94 lbs, grade 8, 5th place
Caden Rose, 100 lbs, grade 7, 7th place
Justin Asmus, 106 lbs, grade 7, 5th place
Hunter Gibson, 113 lbs, grade 7, 2nd place (going to state)
Jed Feuchtenberger, 120 lbs, grade 8, 1st place!! (going to state)
Josh Rohloff, 126 lbs, grade 9, 8th place
Kenny Soderberg, 132 lbs, grade 9, 4th place
Carter Gibson, 138 lbs, grade 7, 5th place
Noah Amundson, 145 lbs, grade 8, 6th place
Jacob Boots, 152 lbs, grade 9, 4th place
Maddix Erickson, 160 lbs, grade 8, 8th place
(our 170 lb wrestler couldn’t attend)
Tristan Raths, 189 lbs, grade 9, 3rd place
(no heavyweight)