Local NewsMinute: President Kurpiers Thanks You, A Day Of Service, Warnings From Pope County, And Garfield’s New Gear 15 Jan 18

Office of Community Engagement Releases A Call To Action

If you’ve got the day off, the University of Minnesota, Morris invites you to the 9th Annual Martin Luther King Jr Day of Service. Argie Manolis is in charge of the Office of Community Engagement, and says players from Cougar men’s and women’s basketball will serve food throughout the day.
The Morris Area Elementary School will open its doors at 11:30 a.m. Volunteers will join first through sixth graders in civil rights-themed project that involves children’s literature.
The afternoon community meal will feature authentic Middle Eastern and North African cuisine, and a discussion about “food as a human right”.
A march from Eastside Park to Faith Lutheran Church is planned for 4:00 p.m.
A brief set of speeches will happen at Faith Lutheran, before the evening community meal at 5:30 p.m.

The City of Garfield Gets A Grant

Thanks to a 50:50 grant from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Garfield Fire & Rescue now has some new equipment in its arsenal. Assistant Chief Scotty Allyn says his Department constantly applies for outside funding in order to reduce the burden on city taxpayers.
The DNR’s Volunteer Fire Assistance Program is aimed at fire departments that protect cities of fewer than 10,000 people. Between local and State dollars, Allyn will spend $6,400 to purchase wildland hoses, nozzles, safety vests, and helmet lights.

Strong Turnout For The First Widows/Widowers Support Group Meeting

About a dozen widows and widowers gathered in the basement of Old No. 1 yesterday.
Rose Murphy is the Grief Care Coordinator for Pedersen and Starbuck Funeral Homes. She didn’t have a formal program planned, preferring to allow guests to bond over lunch. However, she wants to hear your suggestions for future events, regardless of whether you were her client in the past.
The next meeting is scheduled for February 11 at noon.

Flapjacks For Families

Yesterday morning, volunteers with Habitat For Humanity assembled at the American Legion of Morris for homemade flapjacks.
The group served breakfast to raise money for construction materials needed in future homes. Josh Kurpiers leads the Pope and Stevens County Chapters, and says his teams plan to build a new home in Morris over the summer.
Kurpiers says these events typically net between $900.00 and $1,000.00. The next big events are a pork chop dinner in the spring, and a golf tournament in the summer. Kurpiers invites prospective families to apply at HabitatPrairieLakes.org.

Another Ice Warning, This Time From Pope County

Larry Jenson of Minnewaska Bait & Tackle has been astonished by the sheer number of ice heaves he’s seen this season. Aside from a warning about heaves being spotted in unusual places, he says the safest strategy is to look for tracks in the snow, where others have gone over them before. Otherwise, it’s best to avoid them altogether.
Over the weekend, the Pope County Sheriff’s Office responded to two separate incidents of vehicles partially going through the Lake Minnewaska ice. In both incidents, everyone escaped with their lives, but Sheriff Timothy Riley reminds you that ice thickness is never consistent anywhere.