Morris Firefighters Welcome Local Donation 02 Jan 18

Last Tuesday, the Morris Fire Department officially received a late Christmas present.

The City Council accepted a $365.00 donation from the Horton Community Chest, a small charity fund set up by the residents of Horton Township. In a letter to the City, Co-Chairs Annie Wulf and Mary Rinkenberger say the fund gives, “to many charities, that are trying to cure diseases, provide services, as well as organizations and individuals with special needs that are located in Stevens County.”

The organization divides the township into sections, with a captain from each calling all of the residents in their section, asking for donations. Once the collection is done, a meeting is held to determine which organizations get the money, with vetting help from the Charities Review Council of Minnesota.

As of this post, Fire Chief Dave Dybdal tells us that the Department has not yet determined how to use these funds.