PETA Suing Alexandria Company 22 Nov 17

People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals is suing an Alexandria company, and local police are now investigating.

Bio Corporation sells preserved animals to schools nationwide for dissection, and they have been accused violating Minnesota’s animal cruelty laws. Undercover video taken by PETA allegedly shows workers drowning conscious pigeons, injecting live crayfish with toxic chemicals, and workers joking about turtles coming “back to life” after being frozen. Spokesperson Tasgola Bruner added that workers were exposed to “hazardous” conditions – the video allegedly shows a lack of respirators, and employees being sprayed in the face by faulty formaldehyde lines.

Captain Scott Kent confirmed that Douglas County Judge Ann Carrott instructed the Alexandria Police Department to look into the case, a search warrant was filed with the court on November 1. Minnesota Statute requires a licensed veterinarian oversee any euthanasia, and federal law sets additional standards for humane care. Complaints have also been filed with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and Minnesota’s Office of Occupational Health and Safety Administration.

In response to our requests for comment, Bio Corporation stated, “We follow all state, federal and local regulations, [and] [w]e are inspected yearly by the USDA. Company management has declined our requests for an on-the-record interview. OSHA fined Bio Corporation in 2014 for failing to provide eye and facial protections for their workers, and again in 2016 for inadequate machine shielding.

NOTE: This article has been updated to reflect comments from Bio Corporation and the Alexandria Police Department.

  • Jeff Kleven

    i was in that bio plant in alexandria ,once ,and how anyone can work or is so desperate for employment that they would work in a environment that is contaminated with dangerous chemicals,is beyond me

  • Jeff Kleven

    schools in the public ,do not need to do dissection class’s it is a waste of time effort and money

  • Jeff Kleven

    i laugh ,when you say alexandria police department is investigating

  • Anonymous

    When living beings are treated as laboratory equipment, is it any surprise that abuse inevitably ensues? It’s 2017–we have far superior ways of teaching biology and anatomy, including computer models and sophisticated simulators. It’s time for all schools to embrace these methods and stop killing animals for “life” sciences.

  • allison clare

    It is unfortunate that these workers are being put in such perilous working conditions, but what’s worse is that this peril is absolutely unnecessary. With today’s technology animal dissection is unnecessary and it should become a thing of the past.

  • Craig Shapiro

    Wish I could say this is an aberration, but it’s not. But it is the 21st century, and there’s no place in it for dissection. There are plenty of humane options that do the job better.