Pickup-Cyclist Collision In Downtown Morris Ends Without Injury 27 Sep 17

On Monday evening, KMRS/KKOK broke the story of a traffic accident at the intersection of Atlantic Avenue and 7th Street in Morris.

At approximately 6:00 p.m., 74-year-old David Lonergan (from Donnelly) was traveling eastbound on 7th Street, approaching the intersection, and started to make a left-hand turn with a green light.

Simultaneously, a twelve-year-old male (from Morris) was biking westbound on 7th, using the sidewalk, and began to enter the intersection. The cyclist also had a green light, but we don’t know if he had a crossing signal, as well.

The cyclist was struck by the pickup on his left side, with scuffing visible on his left pedal. Paramedics with StevensCounty EMS checked the Morris cyclist on-scene, but he did not have any injuries.

Agencies responding to the scene included the Minnesota State Patrol, the Hancock Police, the Stevens County Sheriff’s Office, the UMM Campus Police, and the Morris Police Department. The crash remains under investigation.