Council approves new street names 24 May 17

During Monday night’s Morris City Council meeting, council members voted to rename three alleyways and one street.

The Stevens County Dispatch Office and Government Information System Coordinator has been reviewing and correcting 911 addresses, which led to seeing confusion relating to the mentioned alleys and a part of Brook Street.

The renamed roads include:

The alleyway from West 5th Street South and then East to Washington Avenue will be Flicker Lane.

The alleyway from West 4th Street South and then East to Pacific Avenue will be named Kjenstad Lane.

The alleyway from Elm Street North and then East to Oregon Avenue will be named Jacobson Lane.

Brook Street from Skyview Lane to Blue Bird Court will be named East Brook Avenue.

This will affect three homes that are currently facing the alleyways instead of a street as well as seven homes on Brook. Those living on the new E Brook Avenue will be able to keep their house numbers, but still need to fill out a change of address form from the post office.

The change of names and addresses is scheduled to be completed by October.

  • Ted Storck

    There are eleven homes on East Brook Avenue.

  • allen e anderson

    maybe this will just affect those 7 homes?

  • Ted Storck

    Nope: all along Brook Street; In fact, maybe two more use the Brook Street address

  • allen e anderson