Deputy tickets kids with free ice cream 20 Mar 17

Everyone was out and about this weekend, enjoying the sunshine on the eve of the first day of spring.

Stevens County Sheriff’s Deputy Nathan Larson was making his round on patrol when he noticed two children practicing safety and wearing protective gear during their time at play. Larson promptly pulled over and wrote two tickets for the kids.

Photo courtesy of the Stevens County Sheriff’s Office and Deputy Nate Larson.

This is all part of the yearly “I Got Caught” campaign with Dairy Queen. The tickets Larson issued the children were actually DQ coupons for free ice cream as a thank you for being safe.

The deputy also made sure to pose for a photo with his two suspects, which received about 140 likes on the department’s Facebook page in a matter of hours.

The Morris Dairy Queen is also offering free ice cream cones today in honor of the first day of spring.