Defiel found guilty of murder 27 Feb 17

After a week and two days of trial and about nine hours of deliberation on Friday, a 12-person jury in Otter Tail County District Court found 29-year-old Dustin Michael Defiel of Fergus Falls guilty of second-degree murder of his father, Rick Defiel.

Second-degree murder is considered not premeditated under Minnesota law.

The jury also reached a verdict of not guilty for his other count, first-degree premeditated murder. These verdicts came just after 10 p.m. Friday.

Since Dustin has been found guilty of murder by the jury, a second trial will commence to determine whether Dustin was suffering from a mental illness at the time of the crime. If the jury finds he was, he would then be considered not guilty of second-degree murder by way of mental illness.

The second trial is set to begin this week.

Rick was found deceased in a bed on the top floor of the Defiel house on June 1, 2016. He suffered from one gunshot wound to his back and another to his head.