Gov. Dayton diagnosed with prostate cancer 24 Jan 17

Governor Mark Dayton announced Tuesday that he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

The Governor made the announcement to reporters at a press conference to unveil his 2017 budget, just hours after Dayton collapsed at the end of his State of the State Address Monday night.

Dayton says the diagnosis was made last week, and that there are no signs that the cancer has progressed past the prostate. He will travel to the Mayo Clinic next week to determine the best course of action, which could include surgery, radiation or both. 

“I don’t expect it to impede my performance or responsibilities, but I’ll know more next week,” the governor said. 


  • Jeff Kleven

    impede his performance! what a lying joke , he can barley speak and stand ,let alone use his common sense, he jeopardizes all Minnesotans future and freedom from terrorist activity ,as he blindly continues to support illegal immigration and the illegals in this country and state,all for the sake of his corporate supporters in need of cheap labor! he is only 69 years old ,his wrongful life has caught up with him ,!! petition to remove this old fool!