Board of Commissionsers 09 May 14

The Board of Commissioners had their meeting on Tuesday (May 6).

At the Board of Commissioner’s Meeting on Tuesday (May 6) County Ditch 30 Bond Issuance was discussed.  This project is progressing.  Brian Giese, County Coordinator commented that construction will begin the week of May 5 or May 12.  The County Commissioners sold general obligation drainage bonds to pay for this project.     The bond proceeds will be used to pay for the construction costs through the summer.  Towards the end of the year they will know the final cost of this project.  Over a 15 year period they will be assessing back benefits to land owners, who will benefit from county ditch 30 system.

Hugh Reimers, Veterans Service Officer for Stevens and Pope Counties informed the board that there is a vacancy for the Veterans Justice Corp position.

This position began about two years ago through a grant.  The grant cycle has ended. The question before the board was if they would be willing to continue sharing arrangements with Pope County.  Brian Giese, County Coordinator, commented that the cost share was $3,000 for each county.  It was decided that match the funds for the program.                  

The person working in this position may have benefits if recently currently in school or have recently graduated.  If you are a student studying an area within the  justice system your loans may be deterred if coming out of school.  If you are considering going back to school, you may be eligible for certain loans and grants.