Ethanol Discounted at Gas Pumps 02 May 14

Ethanol is being sold for at least $1 off a gallon at 12 different gas stations.

The $1 off started in April and you will be able to purchase E85 at this discount through September.   Carson Berger, Commodities Risk Manager, at Denco II says that there has been positive feedback from station owners and local consumers.  E85 sales have doubled in April over March and have sold enough E85 fuel to fill 7500 gas tanks.            

Since this discount started in April, two more gas stations have started selling Hancock Co-Op in Hancock and Aschemen Uni-Mart in Appleton.  The gas stations in Morris honoring the discount are Morris Cenex Co-Op, Food Shop of Morris, and Jerry’s U-Save.

Ethanol is produced with corn bought from local farmers.  It has a higher octane making it cleaner burning and can be used in vehicles using flex fuel.

If you would like more information for gas stations honoring the discount or which vehicles use E85, you can go to the Denco II website