Ross Tiegs Named New Morris Chief of Police 11 Sep 13

Photo: Morris City Attorney Aaron Jordan (front, L) swears in Morris Chief of Police Ross Tiegs (front, R) as the Morris City Council looks on. Standing in the back, L to R, Brian Solvie, Kevin Wohlers, Jeff Miller, Bill Storck, and Morris Mayor Sheldon Giese.


The Morris City Council unanimously approved a resolution to appoint Ross Tiegs the new Morris Chief of Police in a regular meeting on Tuesday, September 10.

The Council received a recommendation for Tiegs’ appointment from the Morris Civil Service Commission, after a round of interviews were conducted with two internal candidates and one external candidate. Tiegs has served as the interim chief since the resignation of former Chief of Police Jim Beauregard in July of this year.

Tiegs has been an officer in the Morris Police Department for thirty years and has most recently served as the department’s Sergeant, second-in-command when Chief Beauregard was out of town or otherwise unable to respond to department and public needs. 

Tiegs has long been the Police Department’s forensics investigator of internet and computer crimes. Tiegs served for several years with the Minnesota Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. Tiegs was sworn into the role of Chief of Police by Morris City Attorney Aaron Jordan.

Jordan also swore in a new police officer, Brett Collins, during Tuesday’s meeting. Following the resignation of an officer earlier this year, and with the promotion of Tiegs, the department is running one officer short. Tiegs says he hopes to have a second officer ready for swearing in by the end of October.