Utility Companies Still Addressing Power Outages 21 Jun 13

Utility Companies across West Central Minnesota are working to restore

power to thousands of customers following heavy winds and rain on

Thursday night. The West Central Research and Outreach Center in

Morris reported a 5.6 inch rainfall overnight. Several water “runs”

developed around the region; runs are temporary streams that typically

dry up shortly after a heavy rainfall.


At 8:10 on Friday morning, Runestone Electric Association (REA)

reported over 56% of their members were without power. REA released

the following statement: “Numerous substations are down due to

transmission issues. If your power comes back on and then goes off

again, please contact REA.


“REA crews have been working through the night to restore power.

In-coming call volume is extremely heavy and callers my receive a busy

signal. Outages can be reported at rea@runestoneelectric.com.”


Morris Chief of Police Jim Beauregard reminds the public to avoid

downed power lines. Treat each downed line as if it is live and call

law enforcement or your utility company to have it removed.


Swift County Sheriff John Holtz reports Swift County was hit by strong

winds, rain, and hail. Holtz says, “Many homes, out buildings, and

trees were damaged due to the high winds. It appeared that it was from

straight line winds since it affected such a wide spread area. Hardest

hit areas were Benson and Swift Falls along with Danvers and Degraff.”


In Stevens County, the wind was severe enough to tip several rail cars

over near Chokio. The Morris Fire Department responded to several

calls throughout the night and early morning, including to a house

where a downed line sparked and threatened a home. The residents of

the home were evacuated to safety and a fire was averted.


The City of Morris will be picking up branches from the storm

throughout the day (Friday). City officials say the branches need to

be stacked in piles on the boulevard and not be any longer than 8 feet

in length.