Local Runner Recounts Boston Marathon Experience 17 Apr 13

A local runner in the Boston Marathon says memories of the race may be tarnished by Monday’s bombing but the race will continue to be an important event for runners and the city.

Jen Lund, of Cyrus, finished the race eight minutes before the first explosion. She recalled picking up her medal and a warming cape two blocks away from the finish line when she heard the blasts. Being a U.M.M. Police Lieutenant she knew what was happening immediately. She used a cell phone to call a member of the group cheering her that had been taking pictures in the area of the first blast. After finding she was not injured, the half dozen people in the Morris area group made their way to a pre-determined spot at a nearby park. Public transportation and cell phone service had been temporarily shut down and they were forced to walk back to their hotel four miles away.

Lund was “amazed” by the immediate response of security and emergency response personnel considering all they had to do. She says the people in the city were “awesome” vowing to continue the race bigger and better than ever, saying “after all it is the Boston Marathon.”