Morris Approves Bid for Elementary School Demolition 27 Mar 13

A contract has been approved for tearing down the old Morris Elementary School, with stipulations.

The Morris City Council accepted a low bid from the firm of Dore and Associates. Chuck DeWulf, of Bolton and Menk, said he had favorable reactions from several past clients of the Bay City, Michigan company during background checks.

However, City Attorney Aaron Jordan raised some concerns from his background check. In a Wisconsin case, a college alleged they used improper scaffolding and shut them down. The company then sued the school. In another case from Michigan, after obtaining the bid the company claimed they were owed more money due to an unexpected discovery of additional asbestos.

City manager Blaine Hill says they were give every opportunity to examine the building and were provided detailed blueprints of the structure.

The council decided not to challenge the low bid of $773,700 dollars, which was over $95,000 dollars lower than the next highest bid. They approved the bid with a stipulation that the company answer any question the council raised concerning demolition plans, including material disposal and subcontractors. DeWulf and Jordan are compiling a list of questions to ask before a final contract is signed.

Hill says the construction period will be from the date of a signed contract through Septmenber 30. On April 23, the city will sell $800,000 in bonds–as part of a $3 million bond issue–to finance the project.