Stevens Auditor-Treasurer Still Waits for Day in Court 07 Mar 13

An elected Stevens County Official is still waiting for his day in court, after filing an appeal of his salary and budget on January 14. Auditor-Treasurer Neil Wiese is appealing his 2013 salary, established by the Stevens County Board of Commissioners, and the budget set by that board for the Office of the Auditor-Treasurer. The appeal alleges the board acted in an “arbitrary, capricious, oppressive…” manner when setting the salary and budget. Wiese will appear in Swift County court today (Thursday, March 7) for a scheduling conference.

If Wiese’s appeal is successful, the court could order the Stevens County board to review his budget and salary and reconsider their previous decision.

  • Joend56

    Greedy folks living off the taxpayers.