Pope County Man Jailed for Sex, Drug Crimes 27 Feb 13

A Pope County man will stay in county jail for 1 year, following last week’s sentencing for three separate cases. Thirty-four year old Ryan Emmett Moore was facing a number of cases, including a charges of 1st degree criminal sexual conduct, drug possession, and illegal drug sales. Following guilty pleas for a number of the charges, the cases were ruled on in a single afternoon, with convictions for one sexual and two drug charges.

Pope County Attorney Neil Nelson says the sentencing agreement was reached by all parties, including the sex crime victim and the
investigating officers in all three cases. The agreement contains several safety provisions for the victim, including a no-communication
order. In addition to his prison term, Moore will be on probation for 10 years. Nelson notes that if Moore makes contact with the victim or commits any felony in the next ten years, a lengthy prison sentence will be enforced as part of the criminal sexual charges.