Rep. McNamar Meets with UMM Students 08 Feb 13

State Representative Jay McNamar (DFL – Elbow Lake) met with students from the University of Minnesota, Morris (UMM) this week as part of the annual ‘Support the U’ Day at the State Capitol.

“The Morris campus of the U of M is a huge asset for West Central Minnesota,” said Rep. McNamar. “Having the opportunity to meet with students in person is a great way to be reminded of all the good work they do there.”

Among the students visiting with Rep. McNamar was Joey Daniewicz, the Chief Assistant with UMM’s campus newspaper. “I stayed up all night to make sure I would make it on the the bus leaving early this morning. And now we’re heading right back,” said Daniewicz. “All for the chance to lobby for the ‘U’ for 3 hours.”

The University of Minnesota’s Support the U program was created to build and engage advocates who care about the University and enlist them to promote its educational, research, and economic contributions to Minnesota and beyond. The program helps to raise awareness about the U’s legislative and congressional initiatives and policy issues that affect the University and higher education.