Admitted Sexual Offender Flees Country 30 Jan 13

A national search warrant has been issued for a Stevens County man who pled guilty to a 1st degree count of criminal sexual conduct. Cruz Mar Del-Angel has reportedly fled the country. Stevens County Attorney Aaron Jordan says he is supposed to have fled to Mexico, evading a final sentence that would likely have seen him deported.

On December 27, Del-Angel pled guilty to a single count of criminal sexual conduct; he stood accused of eight counts and was alleged to have sexually abused a child over the course of several years. He was scheduled for sentencing on March 4. The Immigration and Naturalization Service had indicated their intention to deport Del-Angel at that time.

learning of Del-Angel’s flight, Jordan requested a warrant for Del-Angel’s arrest and a nation-wide warrant was issued on January 29. Jordan says that if Del-Angel has indeed made it across the border into Mexico, “given what he faces if he ever comes back to the U.S., I don’t think Mr. Del-Angel will ever return.”

  • Shesse

    What were you thinking letting him out of jail in the first place, is it because he is a (poor illegal) who did not belong in our country in the first place. Or is it because his (employer) is rich and powerful and they helped him out? Come on guys if it were anyone else from this area they would have been left in jail