Morris School Board Approves Cyrus Consolidation Plan 04 Dec 12

The Morris School Board has voted to consolidate with the Cyrus School District. With four members voting “aye,” Laura Carrington casting a lone “abstain” vote, and two members not present, the seven-member board have approved a plan that includes provisions for a failure to dispose of the current Cyrus building–through sale or demolition–prior to the July 1, 2013 consolidation. Cyrus Superintendent Tom Nohl says the Cyrus school board wants to consolidate to give students a smooth transition. 

The plan includes a “worst case scenario” provision in the event the existing Cyrus school building is not sold or demolished before consolidation.  If the building has been disposed of, “Cyrus will assume 3.48% of existing debt service obligations of Morris for debt service levies certified in 2013 payable 2014 through 2017 payable 2018, and 6.48% of the existing debt service obligations fo Morris for debt service levies certified in 2018 payable 2019 through 2026 payable 2027…”

If the building has not be disposed of, Cyrus will assum 13.6% of existing debt service obligations currently held by the Morris School District through 2017 and revert to 6.48% through 2026 (payable 2027).

The plan now goes to the Cyrus School Board for a vote. Assuming approval, the plan will go to Minnesota Department of Education Commissioner Brenda Cassellius for final approval and implementation. The Cyrus board has listed the building for $85,000 and, should it not sell, plan to ask the Minnesota Legislature for permission to bond for demolition.