Schmiesing’s Named Stevens Outstanding Conservationists for 2012 27 Nov 12

The Stevens County Soil and Water Conservation District have named Randy and Karla Schmiesing, of Chokio, Stevens County’s Outstanding Conservationists for 2012. The award includes their children, Lucas, Brittney and Justin.

Randy has lived on his family farm for over 50 years. He has a total of 689 acres of land. 261 acres are cropped. He uses mulch till on corn and soybeans to reduce soil erosion from water and wind erosion. The remaining 428 acres are enrolled in conservation programs such as CRP, Continuous CRP, and WRP.

Randy has planted 5.5 miles of field windbreaks. This photo shows part of the Schmiesings’ 250 acres of WRP restored wetlands and native grasses, and a corn/sorghum wildlife food plot.

Congratulations to the Schmiesings for implementing conservation practices that increase habitat for waterfowl, deer and pheasants. Randy and Karla with join the Stevens SWCD supervisors and staff at the state Minnesota Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts’ annual convention in Bloomington at the beginning of December and will be recognized there for the outstanding work they do in conservation.