Drunk Driver Crashes Into Morris Home 02 Nov 12

On Thursday night, November 1, during a routine traffic violation stop, officers in Morris pulled over a visibly inebriated man. Officers allege the twenty-seven year old man, Taylor Curtiss Nelson, fled the stop in his motor vehicle before crashing into a light pole. His flight ended in the side of a residence at 110 East 4th St., the home of eighty year old Mary Krattenmaker. Nelson’s crash caused significant damage to the residence. Stevens County Attorney Aaron Jordan says Nelson, “hit with enough force to cause cracking to her walls on the inside of the residence.”

Jordan continues: “Nelson fled on foot and was later found hiding in a closet in the home of an acquaintance. He was taken to the hospital for his own injuries. He apparently then fled from the hospital on foot and was again apprehended.”

Nelson will likely face several felony charges, including Fleeing in a Motor Vehicle, Criminal Damage to Property, and Second Degree DWI. He will also likely be charged with several other misdemeanors.

Nelson, who is from northern Minnesota’s Koochiching County, has two previous DWI convictions, one in 2004 and a second in 2008.