Local Designer Dresses County Attorney 17 Apr 12

Armed with a BeDazzler and a plan, six-year-old designer Anna Jordan took on the job of designing shoes for her father, Stevens County Attorney Aaron Jordan, for his recent walk for awareness. On Tuesday, April 17th, Jordan joined a group of men and women who walked the mile from Morris’ Someplace Safe office down to DeToy’s Restaurant and back, completing a mile to raise awareness about sexual violence. The event, dubbed “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes,” is an annual event that finds men and women wearing a variety of women’s shoes to show their support for victims of sexual violence. Though most participants chose shoes offered by Someplace Safe, Jordan arrived ready to walk in three inch heels with his daughter’s designs adorning the top.

Erin Koehntop, a Victim Advocate for Someplace Safe, opened the walk by thanking their sponsors and the walkers. One in three women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime, she said. And one in six boys will also face sexual assault or abuse before the age of eighteen.

Those are numbers we can effect, she says, and one way to do it is to raise awareness, to educate the community. Morris Mayor Sheldon Giese was among those walking. Morris Police Chief Jim Beauregard grilled a free lunch for the walkers.

For more information, or to find out about services available to those who are victims of sexual violence, visit www.someplacesafe.info or www.facebook.com/someplacesafe.