Rizzio Convicted of Four Felonies 13 Apr 12

A jury of his peers found 34-year-old Justin Michael Rizzio guilty of four counts of felony DWI, one count of gross misdemeanor driving after cancellation, and one count of misdemeanor fleeing a peace officer on foot. Stevens County Attorney Aaron Jordan reports that on April 4, Morris Police Department Investigator Jason Reed attempted to stop Rizzio, who was driving a pick-up truck. After failing to stop, or respond to police sirens, Rizzio stopped in the Green River apartment parking lot and fled into the building. Reed followed Rizzio into the building where Rizzio informed him he was on probation and his licence was revoked.

Rizzio was arrested and his blood alcohol tested .16–twice the legal limit. A sentencing date has not been set; but he faces a mandatory prison sentence. Rizzio is currently on probation for a felony DWI conviction in Pope County with a 42-month stayed prison conviction. Whatever his sentence, those 42 months may now have to be served as well.