Cyrus Consolidation Talks 27 Mar 12

The Morris Area School Board met last night to discuss the school’s position on consolidation with the Cyrus school district. The Cyrus school, while planning to continue operating through the 2012-2013 school year, is engaged in exploratory talks with the Morris, Minnewaska, and Hancock districts. The action before the board was to pass a resolution announcing their intent to continue consolidation talks with Cyrus. On a motion by board member Laura Carrington and a second from board member Brent Fuhrman, the Morris School Board passed the resolution to continue talks with Cyrus.

There were several questions the board wants answered before moving too far along in the process. Among them: What is Cyrus’ debt burden? How much capitol do they have? What operating levies do they hold and, how would those levies change with a consolidation? As a “science and technology school,” what type of technologies does the school have?

The Cyrus school currently has about 32 students in grades K-6. While Cyrus is in Pope County, along with the Minnewaska Area Schools, they are geographically the closest to the Morris Area Schools. Hancock is also closer to Cyrus than the Minnewaska schools. It remains to be seen, however, what school–or combination of schools–will want to pursue a single or joint consolidation plan.