Local Pollution Concerns 17 Feb 12

Minnesota now has the dubious distinction of having the highest autism rate of all 50 states, according to the Minnesota Department of Health. Research conducted in Minnesota shows that school districts near pollution sources (including EPA Superfund sites) have higher autism rates than those farther away. The Environmental Protection Agency maintains a list of superfund sites-maintaining information on Human Exposure and Ground Water Migration, Site Wide Ready for Reuse data, and whether or not construction has been completed to reclaim the site. In our region, one EPA Superfund Site is in the final stages of completion; the EPA is working to determine whether there were human exposures to contaminants at the Waite Park Wells in Stearns County .

Other sites that have been declared cleaned up and ready for reuse include the Morris Arsenic Dump, the Lagrand Sanitary Landfill in Douglas County , and ground water in Long Prairie previously listed as contaminated has been listed “under control.”